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The Best Steak You Will Ever Cook


The best steak I have ever eaten is from Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse here in town.  We go once a year for our anniversary and I splurge and get a delicious filet.  While that is the best steak I have ever eaten, this is *by far* the best I have ever cooked myself.  I know it is kind of bold to say this is the best.  But it is.  I first tried cooking a steak in my cast iron skillet, and it was good.  Bernie found a link to a video of Gordon Ramsay cooking a steak, dubbed the perfect steak.  So, I thought I could give it a try.  It looked pretty easy and I like to treat Bernie to a good steak at home every once in a while.  It looked easy, and it was easy.  The seasoning is spot on and the general tips in the video were interesting (i.e. make sure your steak is at room temperature before you cook it!).  Our place is usually Texas Roadhouse because, surprise, Bernie likes to get steak when we go out.  We haven’t been there recently and while he says it’s because we go all the time and he’s a little tired of it right now, I think secretly I kind of ruined it for him by making steaks that are even better than what he can get there :).  Give this a try, you won’t regret it and will end up with a delicious, restaurant quality steak.  I am listing the ingredients but take a look at the video, it’s only a couple minutes long.

the perfect steak

The Perfect Steak, from Gordon Ramsay


Your favorite cut of steak
olive oil
black pepper
course salt
garlic cloves
fresh thyme
butter – about one pat per steak


the perfect steak

Season your steaks with salt and pepper, push in the seasoning on the steaks.  Heat olive oil in a hot pan.  Put your steaks in.  After a minute or so add garlic (to taste – we don’t really like a lot of garlic).  Turn your steaks every minute to cook evenly.  Add a few sprigs of thyme.  Add your butter to the pan.  Once butter is melted, tilt your pan and baste the steaks with the liquid in the pan.  Brush the garlic over your steaks for more flavor.  Once cooked to your liking, remove steaks and let rest.

the perfect steak