Hi!  I’m Megan and I am a Certified Health Education Specialist currently working in healthcare management as a Health Educator in Louisville, Ky.  I have been married to my husband Bernie since August 9, 2008 and have a Master’s degree in Health Education.  I am sure you can tell health and wellness is extremely important to me – I love talking about it and answering questions so if you have any, feel free to contact me.  I love reading, you can checkout what I am currently reading on my bookshelf.  I also enjoy cooking (especially baking), exercising and traveling!  I haven’t traveled to many places yet but my favorite so far is definitely Hawaii.

Since starting my blog I have added a very special man to my life – my son Alex!  Look for more kid friendly recipes since I love to cook for my little man.

Why did I start this blog??

I love cooking and trying out new recipes.  When I have tried a new recipe and want to make it again, many occasions I had a hard time remember where exactly I got the recipe from.  Or, I will try to make my meal plan for the week and be stumped as to what I should make.  So here is my solution:  all of my recipes will be organized in one place.  No need to search through cookbooks or look for that recipe scribbled on a piece of paper.  I love taking recipes and making them healthier, but I also enjoy indulging too (everything in moderation, right?!?).  I hope my healthier versions will help someone out there make a delicious, but lighter meal.

Thanks for stopping by!


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