Salmon and “fried” rice


There is just nothing like being out all day then getting all your ingredients together, starting your meal and then realizing you are missing a key ingredient…then having to run up to the grocery to get it just so you can have dinner.  Yes, I forgot I needed to get more olive oil so I made a mad dash to the grocery tonight.  Luckily, I didn’t have any other surprises.  Salmon is something I hated when I was growing up, but now it is one of my favorite dishes, and is really easy to make.  For brown rice, I usually try to cook with chicken broth or something else to give it some flavor since, I will admit, it is not my favorite but is much better for you than white rice.

Broiled Salmon
Two 3oz. portions of salmon
extra virgin olive oil
leaf oregano
minced garlic
salt and pepper to taste

I use one 6 oz. filet of salmon and cut it in half, so the directions will be according to doing this.
Place salmon on broiler. Drizzle olive oil (about 1/2 tsp), 1/8 tsp minced garlic, 1/4 tsp oregano and dash of salt and pepper on one side. Flip filet and repeat.

Broil on high for 15 minutes, flip and broil another 10-15 minutes until fully cooked.

Megan’s “Fried” Rice
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
2 cups of veggies (I use a frozen onion/pepper blend, carrots-cut, peas, and frozen edamame
1/3 cup brown rice
2/3 cup low sodium chicken broth

Heat oil in skillet over medium heat.  Add veggies and cook until soft.  Add rice and broth, bring to boil.  Once boiling, turn down heat and simmer until finished.

**Sorry no nutrition info this time since I don’t really measure for these recipes


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  1. tim was wondering if you could go over more of how to cook the rice. we’re trying to perfect this skill! lol Is the rice cooked once you add it to the veggies?? this looks really good. i love the photography! xo

  2. The rice is not cooked when you add it to the veggies. Once veggies are soft, then add the uncooked rice and broth and simmer until the rice is cooked!

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